Friday, July 24, 2009

Two New Poems by Evalyn, and a Book Review

These are two new poems that I wrote by myself at my grandma's house.

There's a Booger Stuck to the Ceiling

There's a booger stuck to the ceiling.
It happened when I sneezed.
Please do not tell my mother.
I don't think she'll be pleased.
And please don't tell my father.
I'm begging, please, oh, please.
And don't forget my uncle,
The one with dirty knees.
Yes, there's a booger on the ceiling,
And my family won't be pleased.

Sam Ate It in One Gulp

When we ordered pizza once,
When my friend Sam was over,
We got nothing to eat.
There wasn't a scrap left over.
For when we got the pizza out,
It happened quick, without a doubt.
Sam looked and studied with great care.
He lifted it into the air.
He opened his mouth very wide.
And then he stuffed it right inside.
Sam ate it in one gulp.

The inspiration for these two poems was me reading a book called Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry: How to Write a Poem, by Jack Prelutsky.

This book has lots of funny stories, lots of funny poems, and writing tips for making poems. I give this book 9 stars out of 10.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat Book Review

In this book you will meet a girl named Ottoline, her best friend, Mr. Munroe, a yellow cat, a cockatoo named Clive, a bear, a mouse named Robert who Mr. Munroe came across in the kitchen last Tuesday, and many other odd or peculiar or just regular normal people.

A string of burglaries has taken place in Big City, and precious lapdogs are disappearing. Who is behind this crime wave? Ottoline and Mr. Munroe can figure it out with a little help from some friends and a clever plan.

I really like this book. I've read it seven times! When I first got it, I finished it in a day. This is one of my favorite books because - #1, it is a mystery and I love mysteries; #2, there are lots of funny jokes; #3, the illustrations are cool; and #4, you just feel like you're actually there with them when you read it, and it's very funny.

If you like mysteries, mice, lapdogs, hairy bog creatures from Norway, strange collections, or figuring out things, you'll love Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell.

I give this book twelve stars out of ten!

Rainy Day Poll

Here are the results of "The Rainy Day Poll":

Have a puppet show
0 (0%)
Watch a movie #2
7 (43%)
Read a book #1
11 (68%)
Jump on your bed
2 (12%)
3 (18%)
Watch the rain drops #3
5 (31%)
Play with your pet
4 (25%)

I guess nobody likes puppet shows anymore!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Camp Inquiry #1

This is my illustration for Camp Inquiry:
I liked Camp Inquiry. I'm going to probably give you a full detailed post when I get my pictures, but believe me, it was awesome.