Thursday, May 6, 2010

Buddyville Newspaper

The Weekly Household

Mossclan, by Simba Lion
Lately, dogs have been absent from most activities. Our furry canine friends have gone to a camp called Mossclan. Inspired by a series of books called Warriors, about cats, one of our many dogs in Buddyville, Corduroy, asked Mayor Evalyn Harper why dogs couldn't have any fun. So Evalyn arranged this camping trip just for them.

Nutmeg Attacks! by Cupid and Sniffer Dog
Residents of Buddyville, we all know the Harper family now has a dog. We suggest you run for cover if you see her. Here is a description of her: short, black and brown, ever wagging tail, pink collar, floppy ears, and very short curly hair.

Buddyville Funfest, by Francis Tiger
Party! Party! Party! That's what I feel like doing. And why, you ask? Because Buddyville Funfest is coming up. This fun-filled festival has fun for the whole family. Mom, dad, the kids, even tiny baby will have fun.

Home Cooking For the Whole Family, with Shasta and Peppermint Dog

Shining Suns

What you need: Colored icing - red, yellow, orange; one box cookie mix (sugar); one bag of carmel chips; and sunshine shaped cookie cutters

What you do: Take a handful of carmel chips and put in mix. Mix it up, cut into suns, bake them for one hour and thirteen minutes. Then apply icing.

The Book of Names, by Dewey Decimal
In Buddyville, we have just elected a new mayor, Evalyn Harper. Evalyn has decided to start making a book called The Book of Names. Inspired by a series of books, this book will hold all the names, addresses, and important information about the citizens of Buddyville.

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