Thursday, December 2, 2010

Buddyville Times

This is BuddyVille Times. Me and my dad have been working on it for the past many months. We hope you like it! We may do more. If you like it, tell us. Then we WILL do more.

BuddyVille is the town that my stuffed animals live in. All the reporters are stuffed animals. I'm the mayor. My dad and my mom and other relatives are celebrities and important people. This is its newspaper.


  1. Fantastic job Ev! Congratulations on your new up and coming publication :0) Wishing you great success!!!!

  2. Hi! My name is Emma, I am 9, and I have a blog too. I really like this newspaper! How did you make all of that? I am thinking it is a site. Well, it was really creative. Great job!