Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dealing With Dragons Book Review

This book, called Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede, is about an improper princess who is being forced to marry a very dim-witted prince. She meets a talking frog who tells her to go to a hovel down a dirt road and she will find people who will help her with her problem. It turns out that inside the hovel is a lair of dragons that live inside the mountain that the hovel is set upon. When the princess gets there, one dragon wants to eat her, but the others think she should become somebody's princess. A dragon named Kazul offers to take her for her princess. Cimorene meets new friends, three princesses who are also dragon's princesses. She deals with wizards, witches, and magical birds. A dragon named Warog, who wants to be king, makes a plot with some wizards who want the king's crystal, which is like a crystal ball, but instead is more like a crystal plate. Cimorene and her new friends all find happily ever afters. You can read this book to find out how.

Out of ten stars, I will give this book ten stars!

This book is about adventure, romance, magic, and mystery. If you love any of those four things, you'll love Dealing With Dragons!


  1. Evalyn -- I love your book review! I think I will get this book for my stepdaughter, Lauren. She's also 8 years old. She just started a blog too, where she's going to post stories she writes. Check it out:
    Love to you and your mom and dad,

  2. Thanks, Julie! I really enjoyed reading your comment. This is the first comment I have gotten since I made this blog, and I am very happy that I got it. I checked out Lauren's blog and I love her story. I think she is a very creative person. I hope you post more comments about my blog. Thanks, Evalyn.

  3. Wow, Evalyn, If I didn't know you were eight I would have thought you were twenty five! Your writing presents the works of the authors very well. It is entertaining and informative. I look forward to future reviews.

  4. Thanks, Kathleen! I really enjoyed having your comment posted on my blog. Have you ever reviewed a book? Because I liked your review of my review! I just want to say thanks again, Evalyn.

  5. You're welcome. (smiling)-and Yep, I have, and I'm getting ready to review a book today as a matter of fact! A book about sensory problems that children have and what adults can do to help. It's written by a therapist and the mom of a child with a sensory disorder. I'll send out a link when I'm done....from one literary critic to another:)