Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Silly Stories For Everyone

These stories were made by me and my dad in the car on the way to the second annual Jiggle Jam festival in Kansas City. I had just gotten a new book called Fun Folio, by Cranium. The book came with some cards that had activities that you and a friend could do together. You had to pass your Fun Folio Doodler (which is a notebook) back and forth and one person would write some of the story, and the next person would write some more. Our first story had to have a crazy new invention, a pepperoni pizza, and a rocket ship.

Story number one is called... 

"The Mad Scientist, the Pizza Boy, and the Rocket Ship."

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a mad scientist was putting the finishing touch on his crazy new invention, when the pizza boy brought him a pepperoni pizza. "Hang around," said the scientist through a mouthful of pepperoni. "Watch what happens when I flip this switch." Then a rocket ship zoomed through the laboratory and took away his invention. "Never mind," said the scientist.

"Whee!" said the pizza boy. He was riding the rocket. He reached in through a porthole and flipped the switch on the mad scientist's crazy invention. A pop was issued, then a bang. Then a book popped out. The pizza boy opened the book. It was instructions, oddly enough, for how to pilot the rocket ship. 

"Weird," said the scientist. Then a dog came up and bit his butt. 

The pizza boy, reading quickly, figured out how to fly the ship back in time five minutes. He snatched some dog food out of the scientist's back pocket. That time the dog took the pizza. The pizza boy flipped the switch and a book came out that told how to train a dog. He told the dog to sit, stay, and drop it. 

The boy and the scientist ate the pizza (after parking the ship). Then, the dog walked away and dropped a note on the ground. He climbed into the rocket ship and flew away with the mad scientist's contextual book generating machine. The scientist was sad, but happy that all the silliness was over.

As for the pizza boy, he was inspired to invent and went home to work on an idea for an automatic pizza delivery bike.

The End.

P.S. The dog's note said, "Dear Mad Scientist and Pizza Boy, you are very nice. I need my rocket ship back. Yours sincerely, Dog."

The next story had to have a famous movie star, a puppy, and a piano. It is called...

"The Movie Star and the Talking Puppy"

Once upon a time, in the glitz and glam of Hollywood, a down and out movie star was looking for work. Her name was Peggy Jean. Peggy Jean stepped into the office of movie mogul W. C. Shineybutt. 

"Whadduya want?" said Shineybutt. "Well out with it, girlie. I ain't got all day. My piano tuner is due here any moment."

Just then a piano fell through the ceiling. That was the end of Shineybutt. The phone rang. Peggy thought it might be a movie producer. She wondered if she should pick it up.

Then a puppy answered it. "How weird," thought Peggy. 

"Shineybutt ain't here," said the puppy. "He just got squished by a falling piano." Then he looked at Peggy Jean and said, "What are you looking at? Ain't you never seen a talking pup? I'm Shineybutt's secretary, Rex. Who are you?"

"Peggy Jean," said Peggy. "Nice to meet ya, Rex. I'm an actress, looking for work. Do you know of any parts for me?"

"Yup," said Rex. "Go down the street. Take a left, then a right. Straight six steps, take a left, green and pink, strange place. Ya just can't miss it."

Peggy Jean followed the puppy's odd directions and found the pink and green building. Inside, a movie crew was setting up to film a scene. The director shouted, "Where's my star actress?" 

"She can't come," said her assistant.


"Because she was bit by a puppy carrying a piano."

"Hello, Sir," said Peggy. "Could I be in your movie?"

"Put her in!" shouted the director. 

When the movie came out it was a big hit, and Peggy became a huge star.

Six years later, the director got a note from Peggy. It said, "The dog's name is Rex."

The End

I hope you like our stories. Let us know by leaving a comment. The red writing is what I wrote. The blue writing is what my dad wrote. These super-silly short stories are stories that I recommend that you share with your family and friends.


  1. Those are some KWAZY stories! When my brother and I were little, we used to lay in be with my mom and we would tell jokes that were kind of like that. We refered to them as "corn-ball" jokes. We would take turns telling a joke (but in reality it didn't have any meaning....) but since we were little we would just laugh and laugh....I haven't thought about that in years. Thanks Ev :)

  2. Fun stories! The Mad Scientist, the Pizza Boy, and the Rocket Ship is my favorite. The Movie Star and the Talking Puppy is a close second. You & your dad make a good team!

  3. Thanks Kathleen! I used to tell weird jokes with my dad when I was four (I still do sometimes). I just want to say one more time, thanks for posting your comment.

  4. EV, I'm getting ready to write about children's authors in my column. I'm going to use Maurice sendak, Eric Carle and I need about two others.

    thinking back to when you were about four or five who was YOUR favorite author?

  5. Your stories are awsome,Ev!

  6. I loved both these stories! I especially loved the movie mogul's name, Mr. Shineybutt. These were hilarious!