Monday, June 1, 2009

Showstoppers 25th Annual Dance Recital

This was the Showstoppers 25th Annual Dance Recital. Here are some pictures that me and my mom took. My mom took the first and I took the second two. 

This is me in my dance costume for ballet. I danced to the song "Little Liza Jane."

This is my friend Julia in her ballet costume. She danced to the song, "Mandy." 

The girl in the middle is one of my student teachers. (They aren't looking at the camera, are they?)

My other two dances were tap and jazz. Jazz had a pink outfit with sparkles and a zebra print mini-skirt, pink wristlets, and a matching scrunchie. (It was the only one that was comfortable.) 

My tap costume was almost all red, even though the song was "Brown Eyed Girl." I don't get that! I mean, it's a red costume to the song "Brown Eyed Girl!" Shouldn't it be brown? What do you think? It also has a small leopard print jacket and a leopard print hat with red feathers. (The hat chokes you!) I'm glad we're done with that costume. Good riddance! 

My ballet costume, you saw, but what you don't know is it was so itchy I wanted to jump out of my own skin! Just kidding - it was so itchy a few of the girls started scratching in the middle of the dance (on practice night). 

The last picture was of the finale. It had tap, jazz, and a dance called "lyrical," which is like jazz and ballet mixed together. In the picture you saw the jazz group. 

Mrs. Tracy, who runs Showstoppers, told everyone on practice night that this was the biggest finale that Showstoppers had ever had. It had thirty five girls in it! It was awesome!!

If you get the impression that I do not like dance from this, you are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! 

Goodbye for now, Evalyn.


  1. You look absolutely beautiful in your dance costume! <3 Amy <3

  2. What a nifty program. I love brown eyed girl (blue eyed girl over here!)... You sing, you dance...are you following in your father's footsteps perhaps? Entertainment industry? You certainly seem talented :)

  3. You look very pretty, Evalyn! Sorry the costumes were mostly itchy _ I remember that from when I was in dance. Your recital sounds like a blast!

  4. How fun! I miss the days that I was in dance. You look very pretty in your costume.

  5. Thanks, everybody!

  6. I think you look very cute,Evalyn!

  7. cute but not very comfy