Sunday, June 21, 2009

Warriors: Fire and Ice Book Review

Dear Readers,

You remember my Warriors book #1 book review. Well, I finished reading book #2. It is called Fire and Ice, by Erin Hunter. Wind Clan has returned to their own territory. Shadow Clan has a new leader. And Firepaw is now known as the warrior Fireheart. There are lots of things I want to tell you but I can't tell you because I'd be giving away the story. Anyway, if you read book #1 and you love it, you'll love book #2.

These books are about mystery, cats, love, and lots of other things, but mostly they're about Fireheart.

Goodbye for now, and make sure to read books #1 and #2 of the Warriors series.

P. S. I give #1 ten stars out of ten. I give #2 ten stars out of ten.

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