Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ev's Going to Camp Inquiry

I'm going to Camp Inquiry, I'm going to Camp Inquiry!

The reason I'm going to Camp Inquiry is because my dad is going to teach the kids how to write a song.

It's going to be fun! It's going to be fun! It's going to be fun! It's going to be fun!

I'm leaving this Sunday. It's my first time on a plane! I'll be there a whole week!

I've started packing already. Tomorrow is when we're supposed to start packing, but I couldn't wait! I'm going to my grandma's tomorrow and she's going to help me shop for new shoes, and possibly a hat for camp.

I'll blog about my adventures when I get back.

Goodbye for now!

And make sure to check out the website: Camp Inquiry

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Warriors: Fire and Ice Book Review

Dear Readers,

You remember my Warriors book #1 book review. Well, I finished reading book #2. It is called Fire and Ice, by Erin Hunter. Wind Clan has returned to their own territory. Shadow Clan has a new leader. And Firepaw is now known as the warrior Fireheart. There are lots of things I want to tell you but I can't tell you because I'd be giving away the story. Anyway, if you read book #1 and you love it, you'll love book #2.

These books are about mystery, cats, love, and lots of other things, but mostly they're about Fireheart.

Goodbye for now, and make sure to read books #1 and #2 of the Warriors series.

P. S. I give #1 ten stars out of ten. I give #2 ten stars out of ten.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Warriors, Into the Wild Book Review

Dear Readers,

If you like cats, adventure, and daring, you will like the Warriors series. This book review is about book 1, Into the Wild.

This book is about a cat named Rusty, who is owned by humans. One day Rusty goes out into the woods to hunt. He meets three cats named Graypaw, Lionheart, and Bluestar. They are members of the Thunderclan, which is one of the four clans. Bluestar is the leader of Thunderclan, and she knows that Thunderclan needs more warriors.

Rusty starts training to be a Thunderclan warrior. His name changes to Firepaw.

Shadowclan is getting stronger. Windclan has dissapeared. Waterclan has given hunting rights to Shadowclan. Thunderclan is in grave danger. And the fifth clan, Starclan, a group of dead warriors from the four clans, has given the message: Fire alone can save our clan.

Goodbye for now, and make sure to read Warriors: Into the Wild!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Showstoppers 25th Annual Dance Recital

This was the Showstoppers 25th Annual Dance Recital. Here are some pictures that me and my mom took. My mom took the first and I took the second two. 

This is me in my dance costume for ballet. I danced to the song "Little Liza Jane."

This is my friend Julia in her ballet costume. She danced to the song, "Mandy." 

The girl in the middle is one of my student teachers. (They aren't looking at the camera, are they?)

My other two dances were tap and jazz. Jazz had a pink outfit with sparkles and a zebra print mini-skirt, pink wristlets, and a matching scrunchie. (It was the only one that was comfortable.) 

My tap costume was almost all red, even though the song was "Brown Eyed Girl." I don't get that! I mean, it's a red costume to the song "Brown Eyed Girl!" Shouldn't it be brown? What do you think? It also has a small leopard print jacket and a leopard print hat with red feathers. (The hat chokes you!) I'm glad we're done with that costume. Good riddance! 

My ballet costume, you saw, but what you don't know is it was so itchy I wanted to jump out of my own skin! Just kidding - it was so itchy a few of the girls started scratching in the middle of the dance (on practice night). 

The last picture was of the finale. It had tap, jazz, and a dance called "lyrical," which is like jazz and ballet mixed together. In the picture you saw the jazz group. 

Mrs. Tracy, who runs Showstoppers, told everyone on practice night that this was the biggest finale that Showstoppers had ever had. It had thirty five girls in it! It was awesome!!

If you get the impression that I do not like dance from this, you are wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! 

Goodbye for now, Evalyn.